My sister’s Magic Car …...

When me and my sister were quite young, we always used to fight and try to pull each other, and I never realized how much I am going to miss her until she got married. I remember she used to talk to me about her magic world and magic car. The recent lockdown time gave me an opportunity to think of the childhood memories and I wanted to pull her again with her magical car story. I decided to write it down and send her a quick instant message or via social media of the story she might have forgotten. But I thought it would be great if I could present the memories in a visual or comic format and that’s when I used Dreemz to depict my sister’s story as below. This was the best gift to show my love to my sister in these stressful times.

If you have such memories, please do download Dreemz App and use it to create your own way of rediscovering your lost Dreams. Come and be a family of #dreemerz

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