A plane crash …

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

It’s been a long time catching up with friends and relatives and what do you think of to patchup the “long time, no see” complaints. I am not a social freak and get in touch with my friends and close relatives on a need basis and they do call me an unsocial guy. Now here I wanted to get some information from one of my school friends who lives in Singapore and I wanted to close the long gap of no contact. I remembered our get together when we lived there and on one occasion his wife complained that he always watches Discovery Channel plane crash documentary. Due to this she often had dreams of a plane crash and suddenly wakeup screaming. I thought why not use this scene as though I saw the dream this time and send him a quick message. But then I thought why not use Dreemz App and put this across to him in a funny way and start the conversation.

It actually helped me patch up with my friend and renewed our friendship once again and it just took me few minutes. If you have such kind of scenarios why not use Dreemz App? Come and be a family of #dreemerz

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